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By MBA Chief Trader - Ben 9

Ben, the Chief Trader of MBA, is a professional forex and cryptocurrency trader renowned as the "Wolf of Trading" (WOT) in Southeast Asia. With over 10 years of experience in the trading field, he leads a team of 10 trading experts known as the "Wolfies," following Warren Buffet's ideology of a small yet efficient team that delivers superior results through effective communication.
Over the past decade, Ben and his team have developed their own trading strategies to help their clients achieve consistent income. Working in three shifts, 24/7 each week, they diligently monitor and analyze market trends to ensure the accuracy and profitability of every trade they execute.
Ben and his team firmly believe in professionalism over gambling. They hold themselves accountable to shareholders and stakeholders, meticulously managing every penny. Guided by this principle, the team employs trading strategies and patterns that prioritize conventionality and safety.

Ben's Trade Record

2022 Portfolio

Binance Futures

2023 Portfolio

Binance Futures

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